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What Scares Denise

What Scares Denise

July 4, 2022

We all have fears. Sometimes, we feel the fears and take courageous action so we turn fear into bliss...

but most of the time, we let the fear grow into a mood that causes us to get sick, play small, and sabotage our lives. 

Learn what scares Denise, and the most terrifying things she's done in her life, all because of a belief that allowed her to overcome fear. 

Then use the strategy to overcome the fear that's holding you back from living up to your true potential. 

To talk with Denise about how to overcome your fear, and get a strategy to become your most confident, joyful, and successful you, book a no-commitment breakthrough call. Spots go fast, so book now.


From Victim to Powerful, Quickly

From Victim to Powerful, Quickly

June 20, 2022

Denise's STEAR model is a quick, simple, and powerful way to shift from a state of contraction and self-sabotage to calm, intelligent action and results. But initially, it's not easy to do on your own because our human brains take things so personally. 

Denise is going to coach you through your own situation using the model! So, if you're stuck -- and tired of feeling like a victim -- and ready to feel and act powerfully, grab a pen and paper and listen in.

And if you're a talented female professional who isn't showing up as your most calm, confident, influential, and powerful self, you can book a free, no-commitment call with Denise using this link.

Spots are limited, so book now, to get a plan to quickly find the real you under the anxiety and doubt.

Sex With Dawn

Sex With Dawn

May 6, 2022

True 'Work-Life Brilliance' feels like every aspect of your life is fulfilling: physical health, wealth, family relationships, work relationships, friend relationships, your emotional state...and sexuality.

My recent podcasts have covered emotional health, career health, sleep, and physical health. So it's about time we talk about sex. 

Just like emotional health, most of us are not taught good practices and beliefs about sexual health. And if you want to feel whole, where you have true confidence, and you radiate joy, you must upgrade your sexual life. 

In this special episode I talk with one of the most successful and sough-after sex and intimacy coaches in the world, Dawn Cartwright, who has 30 years of success helping people drop self-doubt and frustration and get the intimacy they crave (and that we all deserve). Whether you're single or coupled, you will get wise and useful tips on how to upgrade this area of your life. 

To find out how Dawn can help you, reach out to her at

If you're a talented professional woman who is sabotaging herself with behaviors like perfection, playing small, people-pleasing, etc, and you want to feel truly confident so you walk into any room (including the bedroom) with excitement and gravitas, you can book a call with me, Denise and see if my Power Your Success program can help you turn everything around like it has so many others. Visit our web site to learn more, or click here to book a free coaching call with Denise

To take my 6-minute life satisfaction assessment and see where intimacy falls in your priorities, visit and go to our free resources tab. 



The Power of NO

The Power of NO

April 22, 2022

If you feel any of the following on a regular basis: anxiety, stress, overwhelm, guilt, exhaustion...

you're probably saying yes to too many things, and saying no to the wrong things. 

Listen in to one of Denise's popular Facebook Live episodes to learn how to overcome the brain's tendency to make us say yes out of fear: fear of pissing someone off, fear of being left out or punished, and fear of failure.

Learn how to say no (without actually saying the word no) so you can finally have the peace, reputation, and success you want.

If you'd like to join Denise's Free facebook group, go to

To learn how to trick your brain into saying no with ease and grace, not guilt, so you end overwhelm while you improve your reputation and relationships, check out Denise's online courses at 


How to Heal Yourself with Tim James, Health Hero

How to Heal Yourself with Tim James, Health Hero

April 8, 2022

This may be the most important episode I've done so far. Tim James is a health coach, researcher, and inventor who helps people take control of their health and detox their bodies from the bombardment of toxic chemicals and entities we face every day. You'll learn simple things you can do starting today, to ensure a vibrant future, where you have the energy, health, and mental well-being to live your best. 

Work Life Brilliance listeners can get a discount on Tim's amazing products (I'm now a loyal customer) using code WLB at


Curing High-Functioning Anxiety

Curing High-Functioning Anxiety

March 4, 2022

Millions of talented people suffer from High-Functioning Anxiety. They may appear confident, but their brains are constantly worrying, thinking, analyzing, and tormenting them. 

They also tend to sabotage their health and happiness overwork, perfectionism, procrastination, and more. 

The good news is that it's curable, without medication or therapy. In this episode Denise talks about what it is and how to fix it, so you can have success AND peace. 

If you're a talented female professional who wants to feel better now, so you can actually enjoy your success while you get back your health, your personal time, and your relationships, sign up for a complimentary Career Breakthrough Call. If Denise can solve your problem, she will, and if not, she'll point you to a resource who can.

How to Break Through Bias and Fast-Track Your Career

How to Break Through Bias and Fast-Track Your Career

February 11, 2022

Denise tells you exactly how to break through bias and how to do it so you build relationships quickly.

She'll share the exact technique that her female clients use to repair relationships and reputations and turn blockers into sponsors. 

It doesn't matter how long you've been stuck, how many people have passed you by, if you switch tactics, you'll propel your career, and make a bigger positive impact while working fewer hours than you ever have. 

If you want to stop feeling like a worker-bee who's been overlooked and under-appreciated, listen in. 


If you're a talented female professional who wants to end burnout, anxiety, stress, and burnout while you fast-track your career, I invite you to apply for a Free Career Success Call by clicking the link below. It might be the most important 45 minutes of your career!

How to Sleep for High Performance and Peace with Devin Burke

How to Sleep for High Performance and Peace with Devin Burke

January 28, 2022

If you're a high-performer who wants to feel more ease, confidence, and focus every day, you must listen to this. 

This is a super fun, advice-packed, myth-busting conversation that will help you get more sleep so you can wake up peaceful, productive, and powerful every single day. 

Learn more about Devin and his programs at and

Becoming the Best Version of you

To learn the exact 5 steps you have to trade self-doubt for confidence, so you end anxiety and show up authentic and valuable, check out Denise's free masterclass at


PS - Denise talks about Emotional Frequencies mapping. Learn more about it by checking out David Hawkins online or in his book, Letting Go. 

Prevent Self-Doubt and Sabotage in a New (or existing) Job

Prevent Self-Doubt and Sabotage in a New (or existing) Job

January 14, 2022

A new job gives you an opportunity to start fresh, and teach people who you truly are, so you have strong boundaries and can be productive, creative, and inspirational. 

But if you bring your self-doubt with you to the job, you'll ruin that opportunity. What you'll get instead is stress, fear, and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from being the leader you want to be and need to be. 

Listen in to learn how to change self-doubt into true confidence (whether you're changing jobs or not) so you can be the best version of yourself, and spread peace and productivity instead of 'busy-ness', anxiety, overwhelm.

For more resources, check out

And if you're a female professional who is tired of not living up to your potential, and you want my help getting clear, so you finally get the confidence, peace, and career success you want, you can apply for one of my Free Breakthrough calls. I save a few spots each week to help people get a clear plan to free themselves from shame, fear, frustration, and career stagnation. Click this link to book a call.

Defeating Imposter Syndrome: Interview with Ebony Beckwith, Salesforce Chief Business Officer & Chief of Staff to Marc Benioff

Defeating Imposter Syndrome: Interview with Ebony Beckwith, Salesforce Chief Business Officer & Chief of Staff to Marc Benioff

December 17, 2021

Got self-doubt?

Worry you might make a mistake, sound stupid, or piss of the wrong person?

Thinking about switching jobs and starting fresh?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those you'll want to listen in on this chat.

Denise and Ebony Beckwith, Salesforce Chief Business Officer & Chief of Staff to Marc Benioff, discuss real-world strategies for curing acute self-doubt and imposter syndrome, so you can breathe easily while you get the career, personal life, peace, and health you crave. 


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