The Work-Life Brilliance Podcast with Denise R. Green

Life Without Imposter Syndrome

September 28, 2022

When someone suffers from imposter syndrome, stress, and anxiety, it doesn’t just affect them. others suffer too: family members, direct reports, bosses, colleagues, and even the families of their colleagues suffer.

Loving, well-meaning husbands often get the brunt of the stress, and wonder why their amazing wife doesn't believe in herself...and why she can't just shake it off and be happy.

Unfortunately, no amount of love and compliments will make someone feel truly confident and worthy.

And the situation can start to really deteriorate the quality of a relationship.

Listen in to how this couple radically and positively changed their trajectory quickly.

Listen to the end so you hear Paul’s favorite change in his wife and evidence of just how much heaviness she shed.

If you're a talented female professional who is ready to trade self-doubt and anxiety for peace, joy, confidence, and career success, watch this free masterclass.

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