The Work-Life Brilliance Podcast with Denise R. Green

From Victim to Powerful, Quickly

June 20, 2022

Denise's STEAR model is a quick, simple, and powerful way to shift from a state of contraction and self-sabotage to calm, intelligent action and results. But initially, it's not easy to do on your own because our human brains take things so personally. 

Denise is going to coach you through your own situation using the model! So, if you're stuck -- and tired of feeling like a victim -- and ready to feel and act powerfully, grab a pen and paper and listen in.

And if you're a talented female professional who isn't showing up as your most calm, confident, influential, and powerful self, you can book a free, no-commitment call with Denise using this link.

Spots are limited, so book now, to get a plan to quickly find the real you under the anxiety and doubt.

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