The Work-Life Brilliance Podcast with Denise R. Green

How to Wake Up Happy and Go to Sleep Fulfilled

August 21, 2022

So many women are wasting time and energy because of worry and fear. Even worse: they're wasting their potential, surviving instead of thriving.

Denise interviews a Senior Executive who describes how she ended decades of self-sabotage, over-work, and waking up with dread.

Just weeks after learning the 5-step recipe, she's no longer working 7-days a week, trying to make things perfect. Instead, she confidently works 9-5, Monday-Friday, and is making a bigger impact than she ever has, while spending precious quality time with her family.

Most exciting to her is: She wakes up every day HAPPY. It's not magic. She just followed a proven step-by-step process. Listen to learn how she did it.

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